Menopause Consultations

Menopause is a natural biologic process for women that results from the lack of estrogen. Some women experience a gentle transition from the reproductive years through menopause, while others experience many difficulties. Lori Ann Gormley, our certified menopause educator is here to help you understand the changes that occur in the female body through perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopausal periods.

A Menopause Consultation is an excellent way to start getting your health back. The confidential hormone evaluation form can be printed out and sent back to Hazle Compounding by mail or fax. After you information is reviewed, your personal private Menopause Consultation will be scheduled either in person or by phone.

If you have not had any hormone levels taken recently, a laboratory blood test or in home salvia test kit may be recommended. The option of using a Saliva test is becoming very popular. Saliva tests are non-invasive and are a simple way to check your hormone levels. The saliva measures the amount of “free or active” hormones present in your body. Saliva tests kits are available at Hazle Compounding and our skilled Compounding Pharmacists and Menopause Educator can help determine which hormones if any, you should have tested. After a saliva sample is taken, the test kit will be processed and the results are sent will be shared with you and your health care provider.

During your scheduled consultation our Menopause Educator along with our staff of trained compounding experts will review your hormone evaluation form, along with your hormone levels. Any other health concerns you may have will also be discussed.

Once your menopause consultation is completed various options will be discussed. Our Menopause Educator can work together with your health care provider to compare the benefits and risks of all possible therapies and choose the ideal replacement plan for your proper hormone balance. Depending on your individual requirements our compounding pharmacists can customized a hormone formula especially for you. Complementary and alternative medical options will also be evaluated. Such options may include lifestyle changes, diet, non-prescription remedies, exercise, herbal supplements, vitamins, and/or homeopathics.

Contact Hazle Compounding at 570-454-2958 or 1-800-213-0592 for more information and to schedule a Menopause/ Hormone Consultation. Click here to download the confidential hormone evaluation form.